How I co-designed a Pipeline Inspection Robot with two other final year colleagues – Precious Siyanbola.

Pipeline Inspection Robot. Photo Credit: Siyanbola Precious

Precious Siyanbola is a recent graduate of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. In a recent post on Linkedin, he narrated how he co-design and co-fabricated a robot meant to inspect oil pipelines after a maintenance shutdown. AbitoCitta spoke to him on this feat and his plans moving forward. Here are the excerpts.

AC: Congratulations on your recent graduation. Could we please meet you?

SP:Hello, I’m Siyanbola Precious, a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ilorin awaiting service year. I am a person with vast interest in the various sectors of the industry, with most of my internships done in the major oil and gas E&P (Exploration and Production, Port Harcourt Refinery Company – a subsidiary of NNPC), Schlumberger (a multi-national oil servicing firm). I love exploring, trying out new things, this helps bring out the hidden little glows in me.

AC: What was it like going through the system as an Engineering student in UNILORIN?

SP: Hmm! To be honest it wasn’t all bed of roses. Is it the rigor of engineering drawings, faring down to the hostel off-campus from the campus? I’d run out of instances.  All in all, all thanks be to God for the success. I can’t overemphasize the support and effort of my parents and great minds in the University community whose tutelage I was under for the five (5) years spent.

AC: How does it feel like graduating after the year of pandemic?

SP: Grateful! So basically I was supposed to have graduated 2020, Covid-19 usurped, this was beyond us. The period brought about a lot of self-discovery and reflection, added a few skills, took various certification courses like almost everyone did. And I have no other thing to do than to be thankful.

AC: We learnt from your post on LinkedIn that your project led to a coupling of a monitoring device together. Please, tell us more about the project.

SP: The Project “Design and Fabrication of Pipeline Inspection Robot” came about from discussions with three just concluded interns, Akinola Emmanuel, Mustapha Faith and myself looking into their final year on campus. It was all in pieces as discussion first, but we decided to give another leap by speaking with our proposed supervisor and we did a lot of research as to how we will be able to actualize it. As posted on my LinkedIn post, the robot is designed to go into the internal walls of the pipeline during shutdown maintenance and after which the lines have been flushed and dried. The robot we call “PREF-ROB 2020” is intended to go into the pipeline to give a visual inspection of the environment of the pipeline with the use of an FPV camera alongside an LED light for better amplification in the image, an Ultrasonic Sensor which is meant to help detect cracks and leakage, a GYBME-280 sensor that gives temperature and pressure value during inspection, the robot has been developed to have differential speed. The robot was meant to be able to contract and expand to a pipe size of 300m diameter with the help of a stepper motor (this feature is still being worked on). That’s all I can say for now.

AC: What is your advice for others who want to also have an engineering education in Nigeria?

SP: First things first, let your dependence be on God and ensure that you have built capacity for the journey in the engineering world. This hinges on you broadening your horizon, tasking yourself and going the extra mile. If thankfully you find yourself studying any of the engineering courses, keep the fire burning. It’s a tough road, I must say, but if I can pass through the stages, then you sure can!

AC: Moving forward, what is next after your graduation?

SP: After graduation, I intend to go for my Master’s degree. I am open to fundings and scholarships. And above all, I look up to God for what he unveils. One step at a time I guess.

AC: Thanks for your attention?

SP: It is my pleasure.

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