5 Key Great Insights from Ranking of 277 Nigerian Higher Institutions by Webometrics

Some days ago, the Ranking Web or Webometrics released its 2021-2021 global performance of higher institutions. The Ranking Web or Webometrics is the “largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institution” based on the assessment of Composite Indicators and Web Impact Factors”.

“The original aim of the Ranking is to promote academic web presence, supporting the Open Access initiatives for increasing significantly the transfer of scientific and cultural knowledge generated by the universities to the whole Society. According to the website of the organisation, “In order to achieve this objective, the publication of rankings is one of the most powerful and successful tools for starting and consolidating the processes of change in the academia, increasing the scholars’ commitment and setting up badly needed long term strategies.”  In this piece, our analyst walks you through 5 key great insights from the ranking. We hope every stakeholder would push each insight further by making strategic decisions.

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