FUO Lecturer, Abdulkabeer Akinlabi, Listed on IDHN Executive Team

A Fountain University lecturer, Abdulkabeer Habeebullah Akinlabi has been appointed as a member of the executive team of the Islamicate Digital Humanities Network (IDHN). The appointment was listed on the website of the US based organization. Akinlabi, an early career researcher affiliated to the university’s General Studies Unit/ICT, joined the network less than six months ago and got a surprise appointment into the IDHN team as a result of his programming and IT skills. He was specifically recognized for his contribution to Arabic Language Processing, Text Mining of the Quran Verses and Computational Linguistics. The appointment made him the first African in the 12-man internationally diverse executive team. He is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has interest in Digital Humanities. As part of his activities towards the promotion of Digital Humanities, he is scheduled to make a presentation on Breaking the Wall of Digital Humanities for Art based Graduates in the Falling Walls Lab 2021 programme in his alma mater. He has an ambition of training 100 students in Arabic and Islamic Studies to become Digital Humanities experts by December, 2022.  

The Islamicate Digital Humanities Network is a network of scholars with focus on Islamicate Digital Studies. The organization has members drawn from different disciplines such as Humanities, Computer Science, Computational Linguistics as well as Library and Archival Studies who work on topics relating to Middle Eastern politics and culture, Islam as a religion, Arabic, Persian, and other Islamicate languages and that are already using or are interested in using digital methods for their research.

Others on the team included Irene Kirchner a PhD candidate of Arabic and Islamic Studies Georgetown University, USA; Alicia Gonzalez Martinez , a Postdoctoral Researcher of Computational Linguistics at the Universität Hamburg, Germany; Maroussia Bednarkiewicz who is also a Postdoctoral Researcher at Eberhard Karls Universitat, Tubingen, Germany. Other team members were Matthew Lynch, Assistant Professor of Religion, Rutgers University Brunswick, NJ, USA; Mona Azam, American University of Cairo, Egypt; Pranav Prakash PhD from the University of Iowa, USA; Meddy Sedaghat Payam, Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, University of Maryland, USA; Amenah Abdulkarim, as Assistant Professor of History, Kuwait University; Ehsan Asgari, Project Director of Life Language Processing, Berkeley, USA; Serhat Acar, a librarian with Istanbul Kulture University, Istanbul and Morteza Maddahi, an Assitant Professor of  Islamic Studies, Al Mustafa University, Qom, Iran.  

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