Half-baked Graduates Do Not Exist in Nigeria, We Only Have Graduates Without Opportunity Discovery Lens

The argument over the years [starting from late 70s] has been that Nigerian higher institutions are producing half-baked and unemployable graduates. This has been attributed to a number of factors. Mostly, poor funding and infrastructure have always been cited by the critics and those who believe that developing countries can never have products and services that will compete with those from the developed countries. The question is if they are half-baked and unemployable, why businesses in the developed world are hunting them using different tactics such as scholarship and long term job opportunities.

In my several years of researching opportunity and value creation, I have realised that many graduates only lack opportunity discovery lens. It is not possible to be good in everything. Therefore, when someone says you are half-baked, ask in which area. This is important because there is no way one would not be good in a thing in this world. My point is that graduates should examine their relevancies before applying to jobs or presenting themselves for opportunities.

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