Call for Application- Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

The main objective of the program is to help 20,000 graduates with post-COVID-19 job search.

NJFP is a 12-month fully paid programme designed to enhance graduates’ employability; build leadership, entrepreneurial and on-thejob skills; and expose them to real-world business environments.

Graduates are able to better understand the needs, challenges and realities that companies face, and learn how best to address them.

The long-term goal would be for the Fellows to feel that they are playing a meaningful part in growing the private and public sector landscape, helping to shape the future of Nigeria.

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is a fully paid postNYSC work placement programme for Nigerians, that will provide an opportunity for mentors who are already engaged in various industries and have gained relevant experience and built capacity over the years to provide mentorship and support for the young Nigerians that will be on the programme.

As this programme creates new opportunities for 20,000 recent graduates annually, we expect that the beneficiaries will maximise the opportunities presented to them and maximise their 12 months of engagement on the programme.

NJFP Application Requirements 

  1. Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  2. Be a fresh graduate (Bachelors Degree) from any discipline and graduated not earlier than 2017.
  3. Be at most 30 years old.
  4. Not currently engaged in any employment.
  5. Have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) OR have a certificate of exemption from the NYSC. njfp form
  6. Demonstrate interest/commitment in chosen career field.
  7. Demonstrate interest/commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.
  8. Have excellent time management and a professional attitude.
  9. Have good verbal and written communication skills.

To be an eligible host organization, you must

  1. Provision up-to-date regulatory documentation including 
    1. CAC Certificate of Registration
  2. Provision of official letter of interest detailing a clear understanding of the objectives of the NJFP and commitment to supporting the program by accepting fellow placements.
  3. Provision of clear descriptions of available role requirements.
  4. Agreement to provide mentorship support to fellows through dedicated sessions with existing experienced professional within their organizations. njfp news
  5. Agreement to abide by the guidelines of the program and to sign a code of conduct.
  6. Have non-discrimination policies on gender, ethnicity, religion and disability status, as well as policies against sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse (PSHEA).
  7. Have no criminal records or conviction or any affiliation with proscribed organizations ie, terrorists, drug traffickers, illicit trade, child labour.

Note: Please be reminded that the NJFP registration is 100% free.

Who Can Apply?

Recent Nigerian Graduate who graduated from the university or other tertiary institution of the corresponding level not earlier than 2017. Must be no more than 30 years old. Must have completed the mandatory NYSC.

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