Call For Entries For 3rd Research Grant Award Competition In Pharmacy – 2021

The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos in conjunction with The Board of Trustees of the Ladipo Mobolaji Abisogun-Afodu Annual Lecture in Pharmacy is organizing the 3rd Research Grant award competition. Applications are hereby invited.

The research theme for the 2021 award is Nigeria Culinary Herbs: Immune Enhancement and Safety

Rules and Criteria


The Board of Trustees of the Ladipo Mobolaji Abisogun-Afodu Annual Lecture in Pharmacy awards a limited number of grants yearly to a minimum of One million Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,500,000.00) only.

A. The Fund is designed for the exclusive use of the applicant’s research


B. The main body of work must be undertaken by the applicant while the non-essential parts may be carried out by other parties.

The Trustee’s main research interest will vary from year to year and this will be made known during the award of the grant.

It is expected that the grant will be used for the purchase of equipment, services or medical supplies or other related expenses.

Under the usual conditions of funding, no portion of the grant may be used for personal expenses such as the payment of an assistant or research student and will not normally be used for the purpose of books or subscriptions to Journals or Magazines. Only in exceptional circumstances and specifically to aid the furtherance of the research programme may a portion of the grant be used for travel, details of which must be explicitly started in the application.

A publication fee of not more than N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) only for local journals and N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) only for International journals can be allotted.

The grant is not transferable

Applicants must be members of a University and/or cognate institutions or other establishments carrying out independent research in Nigeria.

Persons employed as research students will not be considered for funding

Applicants carrying out research under supervision are required to have their applications signed by their Supervisor

All applicants are required to provide the names of two referees (in addition to that of the Supervisor where Regulation 9 is applicable). Normally at least one of the referees should work in a different institution. Referees should provide a reference that assesses the content of the research proposal submitted.

Each Grantee will be required to provide a report of approximately 1000 words on the progress of the research together with a statement of expenditure after six months. The report should begin with a summary of the main conclusions of the research. The report itself should include;

An outline of the work done

Techniques used

Results obtained

Conclusions reached and

A judgment of the success or otherwise of the project together with prospects for future development

The applicant will be responsible for providing the report, for receiving and disbursing the monies and for the general conduct of the research


All papers or publications describing investigations conducted with the aid of the 3rd Ladipo Mobolaji Abisogun-Afodu Research grant must contain acknowledgement of that fact. One reprint each of such publications should be submitted with the final report as in paragraph 11 above or as soon as possible thereafter.

A grant will not normally be awarded to the same applicant for more than two consecutive years

The Trustees reserve the right to modify the size of the grants in accordance with the sums annually accruing to the Fund

The Trustees have the power to alter the above regulations and to attach any other  conditions it may deem desirable

The Trustees reserve the right to withhold the grant in the absence of good applications in any year

The Trustees decision is final and applications cannot be resubmitted or reconsidered in the same round.

Closing Date of Applications:

6 weeks from 13th September 2021 (22nd October, 2021).

Please send your completed application to the e-mail address below:

The entire application can be viewed on the University of Lagos Website at

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