Vacancy : Director of the National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservaation (NCEEC)

The University of Lagos is seeking a suitable candidate to fill the position of Director of the National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (NCEEC).

The National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (NCEEC) at the University of Lagos was established in 2008 and is saddled with the responsibility of creating a policy framework that will ensure the efficient use of the nation’s energy resources.

The Centre is charged with the responsibility of organising and conducting research and development in energy efficiency and conservation.

The preferable candidate should:

  • Be a Ph.D. holder in Engineering or Science.
  • Preferably be on the professorial cadre, but a Senior Lecturer will be considered.  
  • Have proven experience at other relevant roles.
  • Be an individual who has top quality and close personal relationships and contacts at the highest levels, mainly within the “very high net worth individuals’ sector” and Family Offices.
  • Demonstrate solid knowledge of performance reporting and financial/budgeting processes.
  • Possess excellent organisational, leadership, ICT and time management skills.


  • Function as the Chief Academic and Administrative Officer of the Centre.
  • Responsible to the Governing Board of the Centre for its day-to-day administration.
  • Organise and coordinate the activities of the Centre.
  • Prepare and control the budget of the Centre.
  • Prepare periodic reports for the Centre.
  • Liaise with the Energy Commission of Nigeria and other appropriate Federal Government departments and agencies to ensure implementation of the objectives for which the Centre is established.
  • Liaise with other bodies and institutions engaged in energy efficiency, energy conservation, research development and training.

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