UNILAG Journal of Politics: Call for Papers Special Issue

Special Issue on Human Security In Nigeria

Volume 11 Number 1(December 2021)

At the core of human security is “people-centred, comprehensive, context-specific and prevention-oriented responses that advance physical protection, economic empowerment and dignity of all people”. With growing insecurity around the world, human security question has continued to resonate with scholars and policy-makers alike. And nowhere is this more evident than Nigeria where both physical safety and economic well-being of the citizens have become increasingly threatened, especially in the last one and a half decades. While the old security threats have intensified, new dimensions of insecurity with more devastating effects are emerging.

In view of this, Unilag Journal of Politics is hereby inviting quality manuscripts from scholars across public and private tertiary institutions within Africa and beyond to interrogate these emerging threats to human security in Nigeria under the following sub-themes:

  • • Food (In)Security: CBN Anchor Borrowers Programmes; Farmers-Herders Conflict; Food Scarcity and Price Inflation; Counterfeit Drugs; Expired/Contaminated Foods
  • • Insurgency and Terrorism: Mass Killings, Banditry/Cattle Rustling and Kidnapping in the North-East, North-West and North-Central
  • • Community (In)Security: Ethnic Violence; Intra-Communal Conflicts; Urban Crimes; Community Policing; Self Help Security Arrangements
  • • Insecurity and Public Policy: Anti-Open Grazing Laws; Cattle Routes Thesis and the Challenges; Cattle Colony/Ranching Proposal and the Merits/the Demerits
  • • Secessionist Movements in the South-East and South-West: Causes and Solution; the Non-State Actors; State Response; Militarisation and the Human Security Question
  • • Police/Military-Civil Relations in the Conflict Zones in Nigeria
  • • COVID-19 Pandemic: The Impact on Rural and Urban Health and Economies; Relief Materials and Political Corruption; Vaccines/Vaccination and the Conspiracy Theory
  • • Personal Insecurity and the Emerging Dimensions: Domestic Violence; Sexual Violence; Rape; Child Labour; Forced Labour; House Help and Underpaid Wages; Suicide; Human Trafficking; Baby Factory
  • • Cyber Crimes and the Impact on Human Security in Nigeria: Advanced Fee Frauds (e.g. Yahoo Yahoo, Wire Fraud)
  • • Climate Change and Environmental Insecurity: Deforestation in the North-East and North- West; Oil Spillage and Gas Flaring in the Niger-Delta; Poor Domestic/Industrial Wastes Management
  • • Human Security and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Manuscripts should be written in English (British). Abstract including keywords should be in the range of 250 – 300 words while the full paper, including the reference list should not exceed 9,000 words. Electronic copy of the full paper should be submitted within three (3) months of this publication (i.e. on or before 30th November, 2021) to the Managing Editor through the following emails: gokeke@unilag.edu.ng sol10ng@yahoo.com dologbenla@unilag.edu.ng dologbenla@yahoo.com (Please send the manuscripts to all the emails provided here). Potential Contributors/Scholars wishing to submit manuscripts should note that their manuscripts will be subjected to peer review and only those with positive review will be accepted and published by the Journal.

References: In-text citation and reference list in the manuscript should be prepared in accordance with APA referencing style (7th Edition).

For enquiries, please contact:


Prof. Derin K. Ologbenla

HOD of Political Science

Tel: 08023135433

Email: derin_ologbenla@yahoo.co.uk

Managing Editor

Dr. G. S. M. Okeke

Dept. of Pol. Science

University of Lagos University of Lagos

Akoka Yaba, Lagos Akoka Yaba, Lagos

Tel: 08037202657


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