UK Based Nigerian University Don, Emmanuel Mogaji’s Research Article Wins Emerald Outstanding Paper Award

A UK based Nigerian university don, Dr. Emmanuel Mogaji has had one of his research papers win the Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award. This was announced in a release made available on the LinkedIn account of the University of Greenwich where he currently teaches. The paper titled “How we are tempted into debt? Emotional Appeals in Loan Advertisements in UK Newspapers” was published by the International Journal of Bank Marketing.  The research article, which examined the use of emotional appeals in advertisements for loans in selected UK newspapers, was co-authored with Barbara Czarnecka, an Associate Professor of Marketing at London South Bank University.

While speaking to Abito Citta, Mogaji expressed his happiness and excitement on the award. He said “I feel so happy and excited. This was not something we lobbied for, or told people to vote for our work, this came out of the blues in recognition of our hard work. The story behind the paper even made it worthwhile.” He said further, “we were so pleased that IJBM trusted our work and provided the platform. Importantly, this is more like our own academic Grammy, winning it in IJBM even tops it, that’s the flagship journal for financial services marketing.” He also expressed his pleasure that the research article would be available for free for the next 12 months boosting its readership and impact. He enthused, “considering the paper is now freely available for 12 months, I am so pleased many people will see and appreciate our work and hopefully banks will revisit their marketing communications strategies.”

Mogaji is a Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Markerting Communication. He had his first degree in Architecture from the University of Lagos before proceeding to the University of Bedfordshire for his Master’s degree in Arts and Design with Internet Technology. He capped his educational journey with a PhD in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the institution where he got his masters. His thesis focused on emotional appeals in UK banks’ print advertisements. Mogaji is well published across well known and reputable journals and publishers. His research interests cover Transport, Education and Financial Services Management.

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