I will eternally be grateful to my PhD Supervisor- Mutiat Ogunrinde

Completing a PhD is a tough journey for anyone who wish to hold a doctorate degree. In Nigeria, it is extra stressful and people who have had the opportunity to finish ther programmes are joyful and excited finishing up. Abito Citta spoke to one of the graduands at the University of Ibadan convocation ceremony in November, 2021. Umar Ajetunmobi narrated his encounter with Dr. Mutiat Ogunrinde as she shares her experience on the journey.    

A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Fountain University, Osogbo, Dr. Mutiat Adebukola Ogunrinde has said that she would be eternally grateful to her PhD supervisor, Prof. Solomon Akinola, for his supportive role and encouragement during the course of the programme. Ogunrinde said this in an interview she had with AC shortly after the convocation ceremony at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria in November. She stated that she enjoyed his mentorship as the don’s first PhD student.

When asked to reflect on her high and low moments on the programme, Ogunrinde lamented a PG system that is not friendly to candidates. In her words, she said “reflecting on the PhD journey, I will say generally the University of Ibadan PG system is not friendly to anyone. This makes the journey to be full of ups and downs but the very high moment of my journey was the day I did my oral examination.”

On her low moments, Ogunrinde pointed at two moments when she felt like quitting the programme. She recounted “ the low moments of my PhD journey was when my first supervisor went on leave and didn’t return.”  She also mentioned the day she presented her post field result in the department. For her, the two occasions were so tough that she felt like abandoning the program. The AC team also inquired on what she worked on and how that will influence her career moving forward. To this, Ogunrinde noted “I worked on software process improvement and to be more specific software complexity. I developed a tool that can be used to test the complexity of software which will allow all stakeholders involved in software development to make good and critical decisions.”  

When queried on one thing that she would like to be part of the PhD journey, Ogunrinde pointed at full access to resources, industry collaboration and good laboratory.  On one other thing she would want not to be part of the PhD journey, she said “ One thing I would not like to be part of the PhD journey is the stress and the discriminations against the female gender.

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