ATTENTION: AbitoCitta “Connect with the Public Narration ” Service

It has been said several times by people in the academia and professionals in the industry that data science is the sexiest field of the century because the world needs the acquisition and use of small and big data for value creation and delivery.

In our word, having data without compelling stories wouldn’t make the essence of the information sink into people’s head making them to understand what you can do as a person and what your business value proposition is

AbitoCitta is a town and gown connectivity start-up with the sole aim of providing reportage that assists the gown to connect with the town. 

As part of our core purpose of existence, AbitoCitta will be helping people and businesses tell their stories based on known and unknown data around them.

If you have interest in our “Connect with the Public Narration” service, send us a message via Kindly note that we are offering the service free of charge for the first 10 people or businesses every month, starting from January 2022

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