My Business & I: There are thousands of opportunities in Nigeria for anyone who can think and explore – Zainab Winjobi-Arikewuyo

Her  dream is to become a university teacher and an entrepreneur. She holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Ibadan. She runs Deluxehubng in Osogbo, Osun, Southwest, Nigeria Gradually, she is taking it one step at a time towards her dream. She is a story of courage, continuous learning, resilience and  hope for a better future. She spoke with AbitoCitta crew on her business, dreams and future in the second series of our platform’s focus on young entrepreneurs thriving in Osun State. Here are the excerpts

 AC: What is the passion behind your business idea ?

ZWA: In reality, business has been in my blood since childhood; perhaps I inherited it from my mother. I recall assisting my mother in some of the businesses she started while also working as a teacher. Sometimes, I deliberately begged her to let me hawk with some girls that were selling stuff for us. I also loved to stay in her mini provision shop and make sure I keep records of daily sales. I was around 10 years old at the time. Fast forward to my adulthood, I realized that I love to multitask and troubleshoot a lot of things. I want to be a lecturer and an entrepreneur. I’m glad that I am pursuing the two paths simultaneously and to the glory of God it has been working for me even though it hasn’t been that easy 

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AC: How did you start it?

ZWA: I couldn’t wait to start looking for a job after NYSC, so I considered starting a business while I was also looking for a job. Then, in 2017, my husband introduced me to Mr. Dayo Oderinu so I could learn more about business at the defunct Osogbo Business School he created. During a free Whatsapp class he organized, I was introduced to Mini Importation. I knew this was my area of interest, so I took it seriously and shared it with my sister. We gave it a try and subsequently received some goods at the post office. I was very happy and I contacted him. He was surprised that I could put the lessons into practice. He also encouraged me and shared more tips. I kept progressing little by little and later on, my sister and I decided to learn more through constant free and paid training, which has assisted us, and to the glory of God, we can now import a container of goods through the sea if we have the resources or support.

Another Section of DeluxeHubng’s Store

AC: Is it really true that Osun does not have a conducive environment for business?

ZWA: For me, everywhere is a conducive environment for business. All you need is adequate knowledge of what you are doing, your target audience, and how to market, especially using the power of social media. As a matter of fact, any business that wants to succeed anywhere must be on social media. In a nut shell,  Osun and social media have provided an environment for small business owners like me to make our cool figures

AC: What are the challenges for you as an entrepreneur?

ZWA: Before gold could shine, it had passed through hell. There are a lot of challenges, but the major one I detest is the fact that everyone wants to import and just sell without necessarily putting a lot of other things into consideration. For instance, many claiming to be importers cannot calculate the total cost of buying and shipping until it lands. As such, they might sell at almost the exact landing cost or less. On the contrary, it will now make the professional appear unprofessional and bad because people will assume their goods are expensive. Nonetheless, we are coming out stronger.

AC: What opportunities are there for entrepreneurs in the state and Nigeria?

Zaynab Winjobi: There are thousands of opportunities for anyone who can think and explore accordingly. In addition to the fact that I import, I also have a large number of subordinates who are not required to purchase the goods in the same manner as I did. Instead, they simply obtain my wholesale price and product images, add their own profit, and earn money. More than a hundred people have benefitted and are still benefiting. I also tap into opportunities when I see one.

AC: Where do you see the business in the next five years?

Zaynab Winjobi: Like I said earlier, I want to see myself as a PhD holder who is also vast in entrepreneurship. I want to make meaningful life for people and for myself

AC: Your advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Zaynab Winjobi: Slow and steady wins the race. With a lot of dedication, commitments and prayers, one shall emerge.

AC: Thank you for your time

Zaynab Winjobi: You are welcome.  

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