A Mathematics and Physics scholar, Dr Emmanuel Kajewole, has identified inadequate laboratory facilities as the main reason scientific innovations are retarded in the Nigerian educational system.

‘’Mexico is better equipped with laboratory facilities making it easier for researchers to conduct experiments and getting these results quickly. In Nigeria, we hardly have the equipment and when we do, it takes longer time to get our laboratory results,’’

Despite the challenges confronting his field, the academic focuses on designing a control system fed with a solar thermal energy with better efficiency from a single solar collector  which can be used for hot water production in bathrooms and to generate electrical energy in homes. With this innovation, electricity bills  will be reduced and electricity  can be enjoyed in various households as long as there is renewable sunlight.

Dr Kajewole who recently bagged his PhD. and whose interest in Mathematics and Physics was born out of his love for numbers gave parents, teachers and professors secret on how to turn around notorious impression of Physics in students:

They have a big impact on if a student will love or hate a particular subject. I had a teacher in school that taught a subject and he made it so simple because he explained it well. I didn’t need to crack my head because he had given us a good picture of every nitty gritty of the subject. Going to another school for a holiday lesson, I met another teacher that taught this same subject. It became very complex to me and I was wondering how come this happened. One subject, two teachers and two different outcomes. I realized that these two outcomes depended on the passion of the teachers. For something to come to being, there must have been a process. This process needs to be clearly explained to students to the extent of having the pictures on their minds knowing that each student learns at different pace. Then Physics or any other subject would be simple to every student.”

He made his interest in industry over academics known for the direct link the former has with the final consumer, while he keeps studying and conducting research to make things better.

Dr. Emmanuel Kajewole currently works as a Data Analyst for Zubale Company where he develops and implements data that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.

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