• It is a critical question for undergraduates in the final year of their study
  • It is a much more difficult question to answer
  • It is easier for pupils in primary or secondary school to answer this question than for a university graduate
  • Then, it is a function of the kind of life lived while on campus
  • Are you a triangular student?
  • You moved from lecture halls to library to the hostel?
  • No participation in activities on campus?
  • No volunteering? No internship?
  • No participation in students’ politics?
  • Yet, the course you are studying does not have a clear cut way of where to work?
  • I mean the course you re studying does not offer you any tangible skill?
  • It might be difficult to make a decision of what is next after the university education.
  • So, you graduate without a student’s CV?
  • No work experience while on campus?
  • No practical skills you can display?
  • It is a problem

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