My Business & I: I Ventured into the Garri processing business to escape hunger – Raji Hammed Agbenuobe

Without mincing words, I ventured into the Garri processing business to escape hunger which I had earlier identified as the source of every calamities befalling any progressive society. I volunteered my resources to battle this avoidable situation by providing a succor through my brand which accommodates further engagement of  a number of the people roaming the streets aimlessly. Food is, of course, a complete solution to hunger! Through Gaari Odẹomu, I’m combating one of the major challenges facing our contemporary society and I look forward to winning the battle soon with the support of everybody. Moreover, I discovered that we, the Odeomu people of Osun State, produce the best variety of Garri as evidently verified from my tours across the major Garri producing communities in the country. Now come to think of our refined, clinically tested and certified Gaari Odẹomu!

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