My PhD Experience: Initiating and Ensuring Sustainable Relationship with Supervisors

In my own case, I had the luck of having a supervisor well known to me. She (God bless Dr. Yinka Egbokhare) neither supervised my project at undergraduate nor at Master’s level. But, I have always admired her from a far as a student in her class for the first 4 years as an undergraduate. Popularly known as Aunty Yinka, I appreciate her style of teaching. She combined theory with practicals. And I have followed her style since then. She introduced the advertising competition among 300 Level students of Communication and Language Arts then. I copied that when I became coordinator of my department in 2017. She was one of the panel of judges for the Creativity Challenge that has become a tradition in FUOMass Communication today. I remembered I brought her to Osogbo for a public review/reading of her book – the Dazzling Mirage. That was way back after my first degree. Then, a Master’s degree or PhD was not even in the plan. Then we had a joint programme with the Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN, University of Ibadan Chapter) and the Ate Ogbon Literary Club. She was a strong pillar of the association then. We were together at the Zoological Garden, Ibadan with select secondary school students from Osogbo and Ibadan.  

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