PASGR, Mastercard Foundation Collaboration: Giving Voices to Youths’ Aspirations, Resilience in Africa through the Stakeholder Approach

When Bagele Chilisa, a Botswanan post-colonial scholar and research methodologies academic wrote about epistemological diversity- plurality of ways of knowing outside the models of the White men-, little did we know that a day is coming when a need would arise for us to reflect on what Bagele had called for in her book: “Indigenous Research Methodologies”! Little did we know that a team of inter-disciplinary researchers in Nigeria would go the line of what Chilisa called for- epistemological diversity- so soon. This team chooses to hear from the horses’ mouths of young Nigerian men and women, and represent their aspirations in these youth’s voices, as the youth become both actors and co-producers of knowledge while their voices echo farther and deeper. Without the collaborative efforts of PASGR, Mastercard Foundation and a team of researchers from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, this epistemological innovation is a mirage.

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