How 27 Nigerian CS Mothers Survived Postpartum Depression Through Emotional Communication Supports

As social animals we are, we encounter daily happenings that either teach us realities or emphasise to us the realities we had already known. One of such realities is the state of our mental health and how we cope with mental health symptoms. For example, in April 2020, I documented the experiences of twenty-seven (27) Nigerian mothers whose children were delivered of through a Caesarean Section (CS). I was interested in their experiences for two cogent reasons. One, to find out how they coped with postpartum depression, for research indicates that many women show symptoms of postpartum depression (such as mood swings, loss of sleep and concentration, personality disorder, etc.)  after childbirth, particularly when the child comes to the world through a CS. Two, to establish the role of empathic communication, experiential learning and peer social support in managing postpartum depression symptoms.

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