My Business & I: Osun State offers opportunities to people who choose to see the glass half full instead of half empty – Arinola Adeleke

I am an entrepreneur by circumstances. (laughs) I used to believe business is not my thing, this orientation has led to the collapse of my previous businesses because I give them up easily. So, Creativity and innovation led me to create RubybyRukky, a perfumery company, where we mix different natural notes to make scents, we produced different oil perfume, Eau De cologne, and a host of others, low patronage led to the shutdown. I switched to fashion, and the birth of Ariny_Couture was a good start, i’d thought It would fly because we sow creatively, I would travel to lagos to source fabrics even when there are shirt material here. After sowing, I would take the shirts to the Laundromat for laundry and good packaging, this processes cost me a lot. Innovation pushed me to give my clients TM Lewin, Dolce Gabbana standard in exchange with cut/sow price.

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